Guns – Firearms

“Force and mind are opposites; morality ends where a gun begins.” — John Galt speech in Atlas Shrugged, 1957 Fair Use Citations: Ayn Rand

Failure to eject

Failure to eject “These are called “stovepipes” because of the case being caught between the boltface and the ejection port. This usually happens because of a bolt/slide which failed to recoil all the way back to its stop before returning forward. Anything which diminishes recoil force (e.g., a too-gently held gun, which occurs often with […]

Failure to extract (Class 3 malfunction)

Failure to extract (also called a Class 3 malfunction) “Usually it’s from a double feed, but sometimes a case sticks in the chamber, or a case rim rips off, or an extractor breaks. So, a round remains in the chamber with a second round pressed hard from behind. Because your gun’s two most powerful springs […]

Failure to fire

Failure to fire “This is either an ammo or gun problem. Usually it’s bad ammo (bad, high, inverted, or missing primer). When under fire, Tap-Rack-Bang. When not under fire, eject the round after waiting out a potential hangfire for 30 seconds.” “If an abnormal sound or sensation was felt upon the trigger pull, cease firing […]

Failure to feed (Class 1 malfunction – FTF)

Failure to feed (also called a Class 1 malfunction) “This is almost always the fault of either the magazine (empty, not fully seated, missing, or faulty) or the ammo (case deformed or too long). Sometimes it’s just a dirty or faulty gun (i.e., weak hammer spring or broken firing pin).” “Usually the magazine was not […]

Unloading a gun

“First, remove the magazine and hold it with your gun pinky. Then, smartly rack the action to extract/eject the live round. Do not slowly eject the round into your palm, as it can be accidentally set off by striking the ejector (it’s happened in Glocks) or by impacting a high primer. Vigorously rack the slide […]

System check a gun

“This means ascertaining the loaded status of a gun. First, check the mag for capacity, and give it a Tap-Tug. Then, check the chamber for a round. (Avoid the archaic and perilous “press check” on 1911s. Keep your finger away from the muzzle!)” Fair Use Citation: B00S8RDQMG See also Firearms Glossary, Lists of Firearms […]

Loading a Gun

“First, check the magazine for rounds (or insert it if necessary). Next, slightly open the action to inspect the chamber. If already loaded, then close the action and engage the safety if you wish. If it not loaded, then continue to open the action fully, then release it (letting the recoil spring do its job).” […]

Clearing gun malfunctions

“Stop saying “My gun jammed!” First of all, jam is found only on toast. Equipment either functions or it malfunctions. Secondly, we need to be specific; what kind of malfunction? The firing cycle of any firearm is simple and sequential: feed (inserting a round from magazine into the chamber) fire (mechanical action causing ignition of […]