Salty Liberal Tears

Fair Use Deplorable Sources: Bypass the censorship of conservatives by the Commie Technocrats at Googlag, Microsoft Bung, Zuckerbook, and Twitter for Search — Go Straight to the MAGA Deplorables content: Fair Use – Citations: realDonaldTrump on Twitter – – by the GEOTUS POTUS Donald J. Trump, Master Troll Meme Master of the Universe The […]

Bernie Sanders – Another Socialist Jew DemonRat – Democratic Socialist – USSR Commie Supporter

Bernie Sanders Tries To Ruin Video Games Is Bernie a Pedophile? A Rapist? — Reminder: Bernie Sanders wrote weird porn in the 70s, featuring rape and pedophilia. Is Bernie Sanders a pedophile? Allen Ginsberg is a known pedophile and NAMBLA supporter. He was admired by Stephen Colbert and friend of Johnny Depp. He wrote […]


Fair Use Citations: B01BJ9EFEC

! Template for Jewish Zionism Marxism

Fair Use Citations: B01BJ9EFEC See also New World Order NWO Topics Source of the Links below: – Brother Nathanael is a Jewish born and raised, Synagogue educated convert to Christianity. Jewish Influenced US Government: – When you control so many industries, you don’t want citizens to have firearms, thus most Jews are […]


See Glossary of GroupThink Propaganda – Politically Correct Crap “A thorny term to have to negotiate so early in the book, no doubt, but that is the peril of alphabetisation for you. Let us approach the subject of anti-Semitism without fear or caution.  Undoubtedly, we can all agree that anti-Semitism constitutes anything remotely negative a […]