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 [[Fair Use]] [[Source]]: https://​​gp/​customer-reviews/​RCZ2GOMZ2473L [[Fair Use]] [[Source]]: https://​​gp/​customer-reviews/​RCZ2GOMZ2473L
 +Customer Review
 +1.0 out of 5 stars - Its hip to be rich and now anti-tech
 +February 14, 2019
 +I've been working in [[Silicon Valley]] for 30 years. I'm very cautious to listen to the rich elites like McNamee. McNamee makes a fortune on the shoulders of young, immature, arrogant kids like Zuckerberg. So should we now pat him on the back for acknowledging things went wrong. Facebook is Zuckerberg'​s first job. Zuckerberg had no industry experience prior. Zuckerberg became a billionaire at 23. Zuckerberg was known as essentially screwing over those who helped get him there. All of those things, and more, should have been cause for concern for the ethical future of any Facebook. Instead, however, investors on Sand Hill road just kissed his feet for a chance to make millions. And now we're supposed to buy their book about how Facebook and social media is bad and is destroying Democradcy? Where was McNamee 12 years ago when books like the Cult of the Amateur came out and laid out many cases for why social media wasn't great? I'll tell you where he was: getting sickly rich off of it. As such a guru and mentor to Zuckerberg, why didn't he drive the company the right direction? My guess, Zuck simply wouldn'​t listen and that hurt McNamee'​s ego and so now he's getting revenge by writing this book. Meanwhile, if McNamee had gotten out among the elder rank and file even 12 or 15 years ago you would have gleaned a lot more about the evils of social networking. In other words, the rich elites are out of touch and, as such, are surprised at what many much wiser industry alums had already predicted. Maybe McNamee should eat lunch with a veteran technical worker instead of his investor buddies once in a while.
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