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RENOGY 100 Watt 100w Monocrystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel Module 12V Battery Charging $179.95

“This INCLUDES SHIPPING. FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING if you are an Prime Member. I love Prime, I buy my cat food via Amazon Prime. No trip to Walmart, no time or fuel wasted, it just shows up. I LOVE this solar panel. Its rated at 100 watts, it outputs 100 watts. Some 100 watt panels are really 80 watt panels with a 100 on them for marketing purposes. This comes with all the standard solar panel connectors and you gotta read the feedback on this thing, people not only praise the panel and its quality but they comment on the incredible packaging that it comes in. This is $1.80 a WATT (see price per watt for solar). I can point you to a few other places that will have 'cheaper' panels but when you add 'postage' it comes to be near this price. Plus buying a panel from a solar panel site, you don't get REAL UNEDITED Feedback like you do on Amazon. You know this thing is awesome.

I am using this line and model of solar panel for anything Jack Spirko 'forces me' to do with solar in the future.

Keep in mind what I teach, and I'm the ONLY one who says this. You have NO BUSINESS owning even 1 solar panel for ANY reason until you have at least 6 months preps of FOOD storage and WATER storage. Period. You can use stored gasoline (as I teach in the Fuel and Fuel Storage Class on and your car or generator with a batteries (class above) to give you ALL of the power you could want for 3 to 6 month at prices that are a lot cheaper than even these solar panels.”

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