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Real Estate Prices in the American Redoubt?

Mr. Rawles,

Now that you're recommending we all vote with our feet and move to the American Redoubt, it seems you have created a demand that is causing prices to rise in those areas. How are those of us who wish to stay out of debt supposed to pay upwards of $300-400,000 for a retreat? - Barb in the Frozen Midwest

JWR Replies: I only have about 300,000 readers. Of those, less than 5% are likely to make a move to the Redoubt, so their impact will have a negligible impact on housing prices.

The bargain retreat properties are remote and either off-grid or outside of commute distance to any large employers. Many suitable retreats can be found at our spin-off site:

Also be sure to watch for foreclosure and short sale listings. There are some bargains out there!


Retreat Locales, Tangibles

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