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-==Emma Goldman==+[[Image:​EmmaGoldman.jpg|right|thumb|Emma Goldman]]  ''​Emma Goldman'''​ was born in 1869 in [[Lithuania]];​ she never became an American citizen, and as an [[Anarchist]] rejected American political values. Goldman lectured throughout the United States advocating democracy in the economy, feminism, and anarchy. She was sent to jail several times --once after being accused of being the mastermind to a murder attempt on a leading industrialist failed to kill him--and was eventually deported to Soviet Russia. She died in 1940.
 +When she arrived in the [[Soviet Union]], however, she was shocked by the tyrannical regime of [[Lenin]] and wrote the book ''​My Disillusionment in Russia''​ (ISBN 048643270X) in 1923.
-Return ​to [[Jews and Communism Socialism]] or [[Jewish communists]]+A firebrand revolutionary,​ she nevertheless insisted on her femininity, and is famous for saying "If I can't dance, I don't want to be in your revolution."​ However, like other early [[women'​s rights]] advocates, she did not support ​[[abortion]].<​ref>​ [http://​​history/​foremoth.htm#​egoldman Voices of our Feminist Foremothers] </​ref>​
 +Goldman is celebrated by the far left as a heroine.
 +[[Category:​Progressive Era]] 
 +{{DEFAULTSORT:​Goldman,​ Emma}}
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